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Let Us Purchase Your Structured Settlement Payments, We’ll Give You Cash For Settlements Fast

Why Only Get a Little Bit of Cash Every Month When You Can Get A Lot Now!

Fast & Easy Access to Your Cash


Are you receiving money payments from a structured settlement but still strapped for cash?

It may be time for you to look into getting an advance or cashing out your settlement so you can enjoy more financial freedom.  It’s easy to turn your structured settlement into cash so you can live your life your way without worry.

Whether you want to eliminate debt, tackle your medical expenses or simply pursue your dreams, just dial **CASH to get started and we’ll show you how you can live life your way today! 

How Do I Get Cash from My Structured Settlement? 

While you may need extra cash, you may be unsure of the process of how to sell your structured settlement payments.  When you sell your structured settlement, it is a legal process that must have approval by a court before the sale takes place.

The team at **CASH is specifically trained to work with you and analyze your situation so we can determine your best options.  We make sure that you completely understand how the process works and that you receive the best possible outcome.  Contact a **CASH representative today for your free consultation and discover how you can get a cash advance from your structured settlement or sell all of your payments for a lump sum.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Cash? 

Every person’s situation varies so it’s difficult to determine how long it will take for you to receive your cash.  Our representatives work with you and all parties involved so you can rest assured that the entire process runs smoothly and as fast as possible so you can get quick access to your cash.

As part of the process, it’s important that you understand that your transaction must be approved by the courts in order for you to get your cash.  This can take up to 60 to 90 days depending on your specific situation.  If you need your cash faster, the team at **CASH can provide you with an advance so you can meet any financial obligations while you wait.

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