Need Extra Cash Now? Sell Your Structured Settlement and Start Living a More Comfortable Life

need extra cash

Everybody wants extra cash, but there’s a big difference between wanting extra cash and needing extra cash. When you’re in a pinch and have nowhere else to turn, your best way to get this cash is to sell your structured settlement.

Courts prefer to control how and when you get your money, but you can take back control of your financial destiny by selling a structured settlement. If you need extra cash now, you have the right to sell your structured settlement for a huge lump sum. Settlement recipients can also request cash prior to your case being resolved, which courts also typically hide from you.

If you need extra cash and want to change your life for the better, it’s time to sell your structured settlement. Here are just three of the many ways that getting cash for a settlement can help you live the life you deserve:

  • Eliminate debt once and for all. If you need extra cash, there’s a good chance you have already exhausted all of your debt through credit cards and other vices. The average household credit card balance is a whopping $7,200, making it almost impossible for most people to escape debt. Additionally, the average household is paying a total of $6,658 in interest per year, which further compounds this struggle.
  • Keep up with higher living expenses. Many people need extra cash as time goes on, because the cost of living continues to increase. Unfortunately, average salaries usually don’t keep up with these increased expenses, which can force you to run out of money in a hurry. Therefore, it’s no surprise that an estimated 62% of Americans can’t cover unexpected expenses, and a shocking 76% of Americans are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • Live the life of your dreams. Getting rid of debt when you need extra cash is important, but settlement recipients are in the unique position to obtain one large lump sum of cash, should they really need it . After you pay off debt and get some money in the bank, you can do whatever you want with this money. Buy a new car, invest in a new home, take that tropical vacation you’ve always wanted, or come up with your own special way to spend the rest of your lump sum.

Your structured settlement is completely in your control, and you should decide how and when this money gets spent. If you need extra cash, obtain a huge lump sum for your settlement and start living a more comfortable life.

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