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6 Things You Need To Know About Personal Loans

Some people avoid personal loans because they think they’re too complex and hard to understand. The truth is, you can learn everything you need to know about personal loans in just a few minutes, and they’re the best option for anyone who needs cash now.

By definition, a personal loan is a loan that can be designated for any number of different expenses. There are two types of personal loans available to you: secured and unsecured.

Secured personal loans use collateral, such as a house or car, to back the loan. To become eligible for unsecured personal loans, which are the most common type of loan, you do not need to put up any collateral. Generally speaking, you can apply for either type of personal loan at any bank, building agency, or other official lender.

The amount of money you can borrow will vary depending on what type of institution you obtain your loan from, as well as your personal credit rating. Typically, personal loans range between $500 and $10,000. If you’d like to borrow more, most lending agencies will require you to change to a secured personal loan that is backed with collateral.

Personal loans have fixed terms, and are almost always less than five years. These fixed terms enable borrowers to know exactly when the debt is paid off, unlike credit cards, which you could still be paying off 30 years from now if you only pay the minimum due each month.

You’ll have a set period of time to repay your personal loan, and loan periods are usually stated in months (e.g. 12, 24, 36, 48, 60.) The longer your repayment period is, the lower your monthly loan repayment will be. Your interest rate also may be tied to your repayment period, and shorter repayment periods usually result in lower interest rates. Also, keep in mind that there may be a penalty for paying your loan off early.

While credit cards will increase the interest rate on your existing balance if it becomes 60 days past due, personal loans have fixed interest rates, which means they never change. If you cannot obtain a secured loan but still want to consolidate debt, don’t panic. You can usually still obtain a personal loan to consolidate debt at a lower interest rate than most credit cards carry.


5 Steps To Take When Selling Your Annuity

5 steps to take when selling your annuityEveryone can use some extra cash in their life, and the fixed payments you’re receiving from an annuity are probably not enough to protect you from the unexpected. If you have an annuity and need extra cash now, you should strongly consider selling your annuity for a huge lump sum.

Before you actually sell your annuity, it’s important to understand how your lump sum will enhance your quality of life. Many people carry the heavy burden of debt on a daily basis, and the interest you pay on these debts can really add up over time. The average U.S. household credit card debt currently stands at a whopping $16,140, and the average American has about $1,766 in overdue medical debt. Student loan debt is also a major source of financial strife for Americans, and the typical class of 2015 graduate will have to pay back a little more than $35,000 in student loans.

Once you learn how you can benefit from selling your annuity, you’ll need to determine its surrender period. A surrender period is the period of time after initial purchase of your annuity in which you will be charged a considerable fee for cashing out your plan. A surrender period can be anywhere from 5-10 years after purchase of the annuity, but most tend to be between 6-8 years.

After you’ve figured out the details of your surrender period, it’s time to find an experienced company to buy your annuity. While the company keeps a portion of the sale for itself, most will offer between 60-85% of the annuity’s value when quoting you for a lump sum. You’ll then need to complete the selling process by receiving approval from a court. After choosing the right company and filing for court approval, the process of selling an annuity usually takes between 30-90 days.

When the dust finally settles and you receive your lump sum, you’ll likely be quite pleased with your decision. In fact, 92% of people say that they are satisfied after selling their annuity, and for good reason. The financial freedom you’ll obtain by selling an annuity will allow you to eliminate debt, cover increased living expenses, and live the comfortable life that you deserve.

Need Extra Cash? Sell Your Structured Settlement and Avoid Mounting Debt

need extra cashEveryone can use a little extra cash, but when your financial situation becomes dire, extra cash becomes more of a necessity than a convenience. You can only put bills on your credit card for so long, and when your finances finally become a pressing issue, it’s time to make a decision that will improve your quality of life.

If you need extra cash now, consider selling your structured settlement or annuity payments for a huge lump sum. Whether you need extra cash to pay for your lost wages during a trial or you had a major expense pop up out of nowhere, obtaining cash for your settlement now will allow you to cover these expenses without being buried under a mountain of debt. Your settlement cash will arrive in one lump sum, ensuring that you can pay off pesky creditors and landlords to embark on a new financial future. Here are just three of the many reasons to consider selling your structured settlement for a lump sum when you need extra cash:

  • Cover unexpected expenses. Settlement recipients are in the unique position to sell their fixed payments for a lump sum instead of waiting for the settlement to be paid out over time. This allows you to cover major unexpected expenses, which 62% of Americans currently do not have the means to do. Rent and mortgage payments are a common expense that adds up for people over time, and when you’re being threatened with eviction or foreclosure, you need extra cash now to keep a roof over your head.
  • Don’t exhaust your credit options. A common mistake made by people who deal with unexpected expenses is getting in the habit of charging these expenses to credit cards. The average American home has a whopping 13 payment cards, and it gets harder to pay for each one as they add to the collection. If you find yourself piling up credit cards, you should stop now before it’s too late. Selling your settlement will enable you to eliminate debt and get a fresh start with your finances.
  • Live a comfortable life. Sometimes you just need extra cash to get away from it all, and if you have a settlement or annuity, you can do just that. While some people dream of moving to another state, some may just desire a new car that doesn’t break down every other day. On average, it takes 45 days to receive your money after selling a structured settlement. Once you get your settlement cash, it’s up to you to decide how it gets spent, and you can finally build a foundation for the comfortable life you’ve always dreamed of.

Obtaining extra cash isn’t easy for most people, but as a settlement recipient, you have the freedom to sell your settlement and obtain a huge lump sum to cover unexpected expenses. If you need extra cash, consider talking to a settlement expert and see how much your settlement is worth.


Fact Check: Lottery Winner Dies After Gold Plating Testicles

quote for your annuity payment

You may have seen a viral news story circulating on your news feed this December. The attention grabbing, click-inducing headline claims “Canadian Jackpot Winner Dies After Attempting To Gold Plate His [Testicles].”

Take it away, Internet:

“Justin Reiter from Alberta, Canada, died of medical complications after attempting to gold plate his own genitals to celebrate an astonishing $598,556 jackpot win. According to friends, the 27-year-old was enamored with the 2002 movie comedy Goldmember—an Austin Powers parody of the Bond movie Goldfinger in which Powers is hunting a criminal mastermind who colors his victims’ man parts in gold. Justin started by painting his genitals with a lead-based paint, but quickly decided that a simple coloring wasn’t enough: he needed to take it to the next level, he needed the real gold. To complete the makeshift operation, Reiter used a professional automotive gold plater that he borrowed from a garage.”

Soon afterwards the unfortunate “winner” succumbed to lead poisoning and vague “medical complications.” The internet is full of too-weird stories like this, but does this particular piece of viral content check out?


The story has been making the rounds on various fake news websites, with photoshopped pictures of a Polish rapper named Popek. You can check out all the NSFW details of the hoax on urban legend fact checking site Snopes.

How To Get a Lump Sum From Annuity Payments?
There have always been urban legends about lottery winners. If you struck gold tomorrow, would you take the lump sum or the annuity payments? If you said lump sum, you’re in good company. According to a recent survey by American International Group (AIG), 65% of Americans said they would prefer the lump sum.

In reality, you may not get a choice at all. In fact, even if you win big in the lottery or win a massive settlement in court, you might not be able to access your settlement cash.

That’s why a number of people decide to review their best options for receiving cash for an annuity now. In some cases, you can opt for a quick cash option, but you will then have to pay the surrender fee included in your annuity contract, which can be anywhere from 7-15%. If you still want to get cash for annuity payments, then you also have the option to sell your settlement for cash.

First, you have to find a company that can provide a quote for your annuity payments. People sell annuities so they can get large amounts of cash quickly, rather than waiting 20 years or more for the annuity to reach maturity. After you receive a quote for your annuity payments, review your finances to see what the best option is for you. If you’re one of the 27% of Americans with no savings at all, then you might not have the luxury of waiting decades for piecemeal payments.

To avoid a lengthy wait, start seeking out a quote for your annuity payments ASAP. Just don’t blow your money gold plating any body parts.

3 Ways to Eliminate Debt Faster With Structured Settlements or Annuities

eliminate debt

Whether you’re looking at a pre-settlement cash advance, or the best options for getting cash for an annuity now, selling these kind of long-term investments can be a great way to reduce or eliminate debt completely. About 65% of people said that they would rather have a lump sum payment instead of structured payments in a recent American International Group (AIG) survey. The reason the majority of people prefer this option is obvious: most people want the money they’re entitled to now rather than later.

Student loans, car payments, home mortgages, and medical bills are just a few of the common causes of financial instability among U.S. citizens. If you’re struggling to keep your head above water, here are three ways getting cash for annuity payments and other long-term settlements can help you eliminate debt faster.

  1. Avoid Late Fees: The primary advantage of selling your annuities is that you can get large amounts of cash now instead of waiting years for it to reach maturity. This can come in handy when it comes to creditors looking for their payments on time. Avoiding late fees at any and all costs is crucial in getting yourself financial secure. You’re already struggling to get by, don’t make it worse by literally throwing money away for nothing.
  2. Pay Down Principal: Even if you’re in a good enough position to make your payments it might not be enough to eliminate debt completely anytime this decade, if not century. Making your payments is great, but if you’re only paying the minimum chances are the interest will pile up at the same time. With the extra cash you’ll have from selling an annuity you can put towards the actual principal. This can reduce the time it takes to pay off dramatically as generally almost half the money you pay will be on just interest in most payment plans.
  3. Reinvest for Higher Return: This suggestion is a little riskier and should be discussed with a financial adviser, but if you’re really trying to eliminate debt quickly you should think about taking some of the money and reinvesting it into something that can make you even more money. Stocks are volatile and might not be the best option if you’re already living tight, but they can have great returns. Mutual funds, CDs, and bonds are all safer options albeit with less ceiling for big gains.

We live in a country consumed by debt. Overall, about 40% of U.S. families spend more than they earn. The first step to eliminate debt is getting spending under control. After that, though, these are some good ways to work your way back to financial stability by selling annuities or structured settlements.

Low on Funds During Your Trial? Obtain Pre-Settlement Cash and Cover Your Increased Living Expenses

pre-settlement cash

If you have a pending structured settlement as the result of litigation, there’s a good chance you need to access your settlement cash now. Between missing work, legal fees, and a wide array of other expenses, it simply isn’t feasible for most to wait months (or even years) to receive a part of their settlement, let alone the entire sum.

By selling part or all of your structured settlement for pre-settlement cash, you can address these pressing financial needs without racking up high-interest debt and/or missing monthly payments. It is truly one of the best options to maintain a sense of normalcy during your trial while creating a better life for yourself once the case is resolved. For most people in your position, pre-settlement cash is the only way to survive this trying time and land feet-first.

    • The basics. Pre-settlement options allow you to request cash prior to your case being resolved instead of waiting for litigation to culminate. As a current or potential settlement recipient, you have the right to sell part or all of your structured settlement for a huge lump sum before it is even officially awarded. As of 2015, only three states (New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.) do not have Structured Settlement Protection Acts, but residents of any other state have the option to receive pre-settlement cash to pay for the increased cost of living without exposing themselves to debt.
    • Cover increased living expenses. Considering how long it takes for most structured settlements to fully mature, it is frustrating to know that courts do not give recipients the option of receiving a lump sum. By obtaining pre-settlement cash, you can get large amounts of cash now instead of waiting five, 10, 20 or more years for a settlement to reach maturity. This will help you pay for rent, mortgage, car payments, and anything else that may be troubling you financially. The cost of living continues to increase at an exponential rate, and you have the unique ability to cover these expenses by receiving pre-settlement funding.
    • Avoid mounting debt. A side effect of increased living expenses is debt, which can spiral out of control if you don’t have the means to reverse this vicious cycle. A whopping 40% of U.S. families spend more than they earn, and that number is even higher among settlement recipients who are stuck in the courtroom and away from work. Obtaining pre-settlement cash will allow you to stay afloat until court proceedings conclude and stay consistent with monthly payments to avoid mounting debt.

Talk to a settlement expert to get a quote for your lump sum and start building towards a more comfortable life. Receiving pre-settlement cash is an investment in your future, which is truly the best investment you could ever make.

3 Crucial Things That All Settlement Recipients Should Know

settlement recipientsStructured settlements can bring about a mix of emotions considering the rules and regulations that surround them. Receiving fixed payments often doesn’t help those who need their settlement cash now, and settlement recipients should know that they have the option to sell their structured settlement for a huge lump sum.

When settlement recipients receive a lump sum, they’re able to take care of massive debts and begin to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, the court system usually doesn’t do an adequate job of explaining this right to recipients, hoping that they will acquiesce to rigid terms that do nothing to aid them. Here are a few important things that all settlement recipients should know regarding their fixed payments:

  • You have the right to a lump sum. As of 2015, there are only three parts of the United States that do not have Structured Settlement Protection Acts: New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. These Protection Acts afford recipients with the right to do whatever they please with their settlements, including selling it for a huge lump sum. If you live outside of these states, you have the legal right to sell your settlement and use your settlement cash however you see fit.
  • Pre-settlement cash advances are available. If your settlement case is still pending litigation, you should also know that there are ways to access your settlement cash now. A pre-settlement cash advance will provide you with the funds you need to pay legal fees and monthly bills until your litigation resolves itself. You have the option to sell either part or all of your structured settlement, which makes it the perfect option for anyone who is struggling with cash during their litigation.
  • Lump sums can help you take control of your financial destiny. The statistics on household debt and finances are truly staggering, and settlement recipients are in the unique and enviable position to obtain a large lump sum to help deal with the struggling economy. About 76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and the average household credit card balance is a whopping $7,200. To avoid drowning in accrued interest and obtain the financial freedom you deserve, consider selling your structured settlement and getting your cash now. It’s your money, and you should decide when and where it is spent.

Settlement recipients should take as much time as they need to figure out the best course of action for their specific situation. A settlement expert can give you even more important information regarding your settlement to aid in your decision. Talk to an expert and seize control of your financial future by selling your settlement for a huge lump sum.

Here’s Why Selling a Structured Settlement is Your Solution to Increased Living Expenses

living expenses

While the media may portray a bullish and bettering economy, there are still millions of Americans who find it difficult to pay for even the most basic of daily expenses. An estimated 67% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and finding ways to escape this daily grind can seem impossible.

If you are currently receiving fixed payments for a structured settlement, you’re in the unique position to sell your settlement for a huge lump sum that can pay for all of these increased living expenses. It’s a solution that is especially pertinent if your settlement is still in legal limbo, and a pre-settlement advance will help you cover any legals fees you’ve incurred since your case began. Here is why selling a structured settlement is your answer to a more comfortable present and future:

  • Legal fees
    If you’re in the middle of a settlement case, there’s a good chance you’ve been unable to work for a substantial period of time. Losing out on these crucial wages will only make paying for increased living expenses more difficult, and a pre-settlement advance can help you to avoid this. By opting for pre-settlement cash advances, you can choose to sell either part or all of your future settlement to cover these fees and maintain financial stability during this uncertain time. It’s the ideal way to cover your increased living expenses and escape your trial debt-free.
  • Rent and other monthly payments
    One of the main reasons that so many Americans are stuck living paycheck-to-paycheck is that their weekly pay simply isn’t enough to provide any financial cushion after monthly bills are paid. Average household earnings have only increased a paltry 2% in the past 10 years, and the rising cost of rent has made it hard for many to stay ahead on monthly bills. You’re in the fortunate position to cover rent costs for months while also paying for energy bills and car payments by selling your structured settlement for a lump sum.
  • Eliminate debt
    Living expenses seem to be a little more difficult to keep up with when you’re making debt payments on a monthly basis. Specifically, medical and student loan debts can truly cripple your bank account. The average graduate in 2015 will have to pay back a little more than $35,000 in student loan debts, and about one in four people owe more in medical bills than they have saved in their emergency fund. Selling a structured settlement will allow you to pay off these high-cost loans and use your hard-earned money for other living expenses that arise on a daily and monthly basis.

While receiving a settlement was likely due to an unfortunate experience, you now have the ability to use your well-deserved funds to build a better future. Covering your increased living expenses will give you a new sense of financial freedom that will benefit you for years to come.

Here’s Why Selling a Structured Settlement is One of Your Best Options for a Better Future

best options
If you’re looking for the best options to improve your life and financial stability, then look no further than selling your structured settlement. Many settlement recipients are tired of not having access to the money that they rightfully deserve, and if you find yourself dealing with that same frustration, it’s time to sell your settlement.

Selling a structured settlement is one of your best options for a better future because you can make positive changes in your life now instead of remaining idle and waiting for “one day” to arrive. Receiving a huge lump sum after selling your settlement will allow you to seize the day and embark on an entirely new life without crippling financial burdens. Here are three of the many reasons that selling a settlement is one of your best options for a better present and future:

  • Pre-settlement cash advances. A pre-settlement advance is the only way for a settlement recipient whose case is still pending to receive the funds they deserve in a timely fashion. Between legal fees and missed time at work, there’s a good chance your increased living expenses are beginning to become an issue. A pre-settlement cash advance is your best and only option to obtain part or all of your settlement cash now without having to wait months for the courts to begin awarding you fixed payments.
  • Eliminate debt. Here are some shocking statistics that may apply to your personal financial situation: the average American home has 13 payments cards and over $7,200 in credit card debt. Even worse, the youth of America faces even deeper debt problems, and the average college graduate in 2015 will owe more than $35,000 in student loans. Debt is something that plagues almost everybody, but it doesn’t have to stop you from living a comfortable life. You can sell your structured settlement to pay off these high-interest loans and debts to start life anew.
  • Live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it be a vacation to Fiji or simply buying that tiny home on the lake that you’ve had your eye on, it’s safe to say that everyone has a plan for what they would do with a large lump sum of money. As a settlement recipient, you are in the unique position of being able to achieve these lofty goals with your settlement cash. There is no limit to what you can do with it, and selling a settlement is truly you best option to start living the life that you’ve always wanted to live.

Talk to a settlement expert for a quote on your settlement to see how much it’s worth. You may be surprised at the value of your settlement, and the possibilities of what you can do with your settlement cash are truly endless.

The Facts On Personal Injury Case Settlements

personalinjury3Receiving a personal injury settlement is the first step to beginning life anew after an unfortunate accident, but are the courts really concerned with getting you the money you deserve? Settlement trials are often drawn out over over several months or even years, and you probably need financial support during this trying time to pay for increased living expenses and avoid mounting debt.

Selling your structured settlement for a pre-settlement advance is the best way to take care of these heightened financial obligations during your trial. The average civil lawsuit takes up to two years for a verdict to be reached, and payment usually doesn’t begin for several months after that. Most legal claims remain in pre-settlement mode for a staggering 297 days, and there are almost 900,000 cases in the pre-settlement phase at any given time in the U.S.

If you’re one of the 96% of people who has their personal injury case settled before it goes to trial, you need to consider obtaining a pre-settlement advance. In addition to everyday expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries, your advance could go towards more pressing issues that appeared as a result of your legal situation. About 62% of settlement advances are used to prevent eviction or foreclosure, and without this option, many settlement recipients would lose their most valuable assets and/or become homeless.

An average of $50,000 is awarded in punitive damage lawsuits because of their severity and potential impact on the rest of your life. To put this in perspective, the average property damage claim in auto accidents is around $3,231, while a bodily injury claim stemming from a car accident is typically around $15,443. Your body and health play a role in everything you do, and you deserve every single penny possible for your pain and suffering.

More importantly, you deserve your money now. Don’t let the courts dictate when you can and cannot access your settlement cash. It’s your future, and you have the right to remain in control of your personal finances. If you are strapped for cash and your settlement is still pending, consider selling some or all of it for a lump sum and take back your financial freedom.

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