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  • The best way to get cash for your settlement.

    Now you can access your settlement cash from your mobile phone, receive real time quotes on your payments, and connect with your personal concierge agent if you have any questions. So simple you can do it yourself!

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  • Tap into your annuity cash in minutes.

    Receiving a quote for your annuity payments is made easy with our mobile app. You can have an advances deposited in the same day! try it today.

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  • Cover your expenses with our pre-settlement solutions.

    Lawsuit about to settle? Why wait for your cash when you can get approved in seconds for cash now!

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  • Tired of bank lines? Simply request a card, deposit money, and go!

    Our cash rewards card works just like a bank, only better. Upload your paychecks, deposit cash without every having to stand in line. *Bonus you can earn cash rewards when you make purchases through participating partners.

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Opening the Doors for Everyday Cash.

We have developed an easy quote software solution to help guide both settlement recipients & broker/dealers connect. Our goal is to give each client the best user experience they can have while presenting every possible solution for their cash needs.

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Plan for Tomorrow

We can give you the one of the fastest cash advances (under 30 hours) on the planet with your star star cash rewards debit card.

Sync Your Accounts & Save

Sync up your bank accounts securely to your account profile and get expert budgeting tips or ways to save through our partners.

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Did you know we have other ways to help get you cash on demand when you need it most? Take a Look at additional ways we can help your wallet.

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The Settlement Facts

How it Works

What Do I Need to Know About Selling My Structured Settlement?

Before you get cash for your settlement, you will want to carefully review your circumstances so you can decide if taking out an advance or selling is the best choice for you. The team at **CASH is available to answer any questions and help you make the right decision. Read More

Do I Have to Sell All of My Structured Settlement?

You have the option to sell all or only a portion of your structured settlement. If an emergency comes up or if you have an immediate need for a small amount of cash, you have the choice to receive an advance by only selling a portion of your settlement. Read More

How Long Does It Take to Sell My Structured Settlement?

The specific amount of time it will require to sell your structured settlement and receive your cash will vary depending on the specifics of your case. The transaction will require court approval so that will have a bearing on the time involved but most cases take about 45 to 90 days to complete. Read More

Will I Have to Pay Any Fees If I Sell My Structured Settlement?

You won’t have to pay any court fees if you sell all or a portion of your structured settlement but there may be other fees that you will want to consider. Due to the legal nature of the transaction, you will be responsible for some court fees and any program fees involved. Read More

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